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“Pin-O-Skill”, 1933

Features: 10 balls for one old English penny. Trap holes (17), Free Play holes (2). Two outhole troughs.
Manufacturer: British American Novelty Company, of London, England (1933) [Trade Name: B.A.N.C.]
Date of Manufacture: 1933
Players: 1933 / 1
Year: 1933
Model Number:
Design by:
Art by:
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Pure Mechanical (PM) 
Notes: This is a pin table. The example pictured here had its legs removed. The name of the game is displayed in quotation marks on the upper playfield. It's cabinet measures 84.5 cm long, 48.0 cm wide, 23.5 cm high in the front, and 27.5 cm high in the back. The manufacturer's address is displayed as 49 Fetter Lane, (London) EC4. A previous address for this manufacturer was 76 Ludgate Hill, London EC4. This manufacturer also made amusement game tokens (or supplied them with their name on them) and a coin-operated arcade weighing scale. Both products are pictured here along with other information.
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