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Elvira and the Party Monsters, September 05, 1989

Produced in: September 05, 1989 / 4

Features: Flippers (2), Jumper bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), 3-bank drop targets (1), Flip-up targets (2), Ramps (2), 3-ball multiball.

Theme: Licensed Theme, Fictional Character

Additional Features: Dancing Boogie Men

Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) 

MPU: Williams System 11B, Model Number: 2011

#Produced: 4,000 units   (confirmed) in September 05, 1989

Manufacturer: Midway Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of WMS Industries, Incorporated, of Chicago, Illinois, USA (1988-1999) [Trade Name: Bally]

Design by: Dennis Nordman, Jim Patla Art by: Greg Freres Music By: Chris Granner Sound By: Chris Granner Software by: Mark Penacho Animation by:

Marketing Slogans: “Sounds that Go Bump in the Night!” “Elvira is No Cheap Date! (referring to the new .50/.75/1.00 pricing scheme)” “Monstrous Pinball” “You’re Gonna Have a Ball!” “When They Named a Game After Me, It Had to be Built!”
Notes: The “broken bones” on the plastics are an inside joke about Dennis Nordman’s motorcycle accident, which occurred during the development of Elvira. We had heard that Steve Ritchie had helped out on this game during Nordman’s convalescence. Steve Ritchie gave us his comments: I didn’t really do that much work on Elvira. Dennis’ original whitewood work was very close to what Elvira is today. I smoothed it out a bit here and there, but Greg Freres assumed the duties of team leader on Elvira, and I worked with him to get the game in production. This is what I remember to be true, but you should confirm this with Dennis. Dennis Nordman adds his comments: My whitewood was essentially finished when I crashed but Steve, Mark [Ritchie], and Jim Patla stepped in to get it finished and refine some areas. Patla took over the management duties and Mark and Steve helped out. My memory tells me that Jim Patla did much of the work and I think I listed him as part of the design team for this reason. Mark Penacho was the programmer. Artist Greg Freres tells us that for the backlass characters of the Wolfman and Dracula, he used photos of Dennis Nordman and Jim Patla, respectively. He also used artist Tim Elliot as a photo model for the Frankenstein pizza delivery guy. Voice-over artist Tim Kitzrow provided character voices for this game. Production Run Records for Elvira and the Party Monsters: Production Start Date: Sep-5-1989 Production End Date: Nov-17-1989 Production Run Quantity: 4000 First ship date: Sep-5-1989 Last ship date: Dec-7-1989

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