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Earthshaker, 1989

Features: Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (3), Vertical upkickers (2), 3-bank drop targets (1), Kick-out hole (1), Spinning target (1), Messenger ball (1), Shaker motor. Machine shakes at certain times during a game to simulate an earthquake. Diverter opens a pathway between California and Nevada to simulate a faultline.
Manufacturer: Williams Electronics Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999) [Trade Name: Williams]
Date of Manufacture: February 21, 1989
Players: February 21, 1989 / 4
Year: 1989
Production: 5,257 units   (confirmed)
MPU: Williams System 11B
Model Number: 568
Theme: Earthquake
Design by: Pat Lawlor
Art by: Tim Elliott
Animated by:
Music by: Jon Hey, Chris Granner
Sound by: Chris Granner
Software by: Chris Granner
Machine Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) 
Notes: Sample games have an Earthquake Institute that sinks into the playfield. Reportedly, an estimated 200 of these sample games were produced before this feature was made stationary due to costs, and their cabinets are said to be a lighter blue than the later games. Actual measured weight: 248 lbs (includes legs). Production Run Records for Earthshaker: Production Start Date: Feb-21-1989 Production End Date: May-25-1989 Production Run Quantity: 5257 First ship date: Feb-28-1989 Last ship date: Oct-20-1989 (1 last unit had remained in inventory since Jun-30-1989)
Marketing Slogans: "Williams Continues to `Shake' up the World of Pinball" "From the movers and shakers of the coin-op world!" "It's a Moving Experience!"

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