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Dyn O’ Mite, November, 1975

Produced in: November, 1975 / 2

Features: Flippers (2), Pop bumper (1), Slingshots (2), Standup targets (8), Solitary drop targets (4), Left and right outlane detour gates. The special can be set to replay or add-a-ball. 3 or 5 ball play. Sound: 3 chimes, knocker.

Theme: Licensed Theme – Music – Singing – Dancing

Additional Features:

Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) 

MPU: , Model Number: 264

#Produced: in November, 1975

Manufacturer: Allied Leisure Industries, Incorporated, of Hialeah, Florida (1972-1979)

Design by: Jack Pearson Art by: Roland Berrios Music By: Sound By: Software by: Animation by:

Marketing Slogans:
Notes: The flippers used by the manufacturer for this game had exposed screw heads and washers and with an art design on the top surface. Some machines may have been subsequently fitted after-factory with a flipper version produced by this manufacturer for their later games. This later version did not expose screw heads and washers and had a plain white surface and, when retrofitted to this game, may or may not have had reproduction decals applied to them to simulate the original flipper artwork. In this listing are two images comparing the two flipper designs from this manufacturer. The 4-player version of this game is Allied Leisure’s 1975 ‘Rock On’ which was released again as Allied Leisure’s 1976 ‘T.N.T.’ and again as Allied Leisure’s 1976 ‘Boogie’. Playfield art has a likeness of 1970’s American television actor Jimmy Walker saying his catch-phrase “Dyn-o-mite!”

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