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Dux, 1937

Features: Scoring bumpers (11). Backbox animation (ducks rotate in and out of view). Payout recorder. This italicized information was taken from a Billboard Ad: Two ducks rotate in backboard, one duck in view at a time. There is a lapse of a few moments when no duck is in sight. All hits are recorded on the totalizer in lights. DUX is a high score game with the player rewarded for a sufficient number of points. There are 11 bumper springs on the board that add a single hit to the score each time they are struck AS LONG AS THE DUCK IS IN SIGHT ON THE BACKBOARD. If ducks are out of sight, bumper springs are dead. Patent 2,165,059 (GAME) application dated November 26, 1937. Granted July 4, 1939 to J.C. Koci.
Manufacturer: Chicago Coin Machine Manufacturing Company (1932-1977)
Date of Manufacture: December 03, 1937
Players: December 03, 1937 / 1
Year: 1937
Production: 1,809 units   (confirmed)
Model Number: 41
Theme: Sports - Hunting
Design by: Jerry Koci
Art by:
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Electro-mechanical (EM) 
Notes: The manufacturer provided a date of December 3, 1937 for this game. Shown in this listing is a Billboard ad dated November 13, 1937 offering it for sale.
Marketing Slogans:

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