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Dinosaur Eggs, 1993

Features: Handles on the front of cabinet allow the player to raise and lower the playfield in all four directions to guide the ball through the lit path. Game vends tickets for successful maneuvering of the ball.
Manufacturer: Alvin G. and Company (1991-1994)
Date of Manufacture: August, 1993
Players: August, 1993 / 1
Year: 1993
Production: 100 units   (approximate)
Model Number:
Theme: Dinosaurs
Design by: Lyle Williman
Art by:
Animated by:
Music by: Kyle Johnson, Matt Scott
Sound by: Matt Scott, Kyle Johnson
Software by: Matt Scott, Kyle Johnson
Machine Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) 
Notes: An earlier game with a maneuverable playfield is Williams' 1983 'Rat Race'.
Marketing Slogans: "If you thought dinosaurs were extinct, look again!"

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