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Devil Riders, 1984

Features: Four pop bumpers, two playfields and six flippers (two on the main playfield, two on the upper transparent playfield, and two "React" flippers to flip the ball back up from the outlanes). Elevated ball shooter lane. Backglass animation (a motorcycle performs loops each time the ball enters the upper playfield). Ramps leading to the upper playfield are elevated above ball level by drop targets underneath. When the drop targets are knocked down, the ramps fall to playfield level allowing the ball to enter. Backbox has a neon tube behind the backglass, around the outside edge of the glass between the outer backglass and the formed, painted, and molded plastic inner artwork.
Manufacturer: Zaccaria, of Bologna, Italy (1974-1987)
Date of Manufacture: April, 1984
Players: April, 1984 / 4
Year: 1984
MPU: Zaccaria Generation 2
Model Number:
Theme: Stunt motorcycles
Design by:
Art by: Lorenzo Rimondini
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) 
Notes: It uses a 1B1165/1 MPU, five 1B13123 (7 Digit) Display boards, a 1B11136/0 Sound board, a 1B1166 driver board, and a 1B11167/0 Power Supply board.
Marketing Slogans: "When challenge makes men feel alive..."

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