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Dai Uchuu Ryokou,

Features: Bulb scoring, no score reels. Ball shooter lane with plunger. Red replay button on lockdown bar. The playfield has many posts and rollovers. Wedge head backbox. According to the flyer text, the player's spaceship advances to reach a goal for replay. Some rollovers advance the spaceship, other rollovers move it backwards.
Manufacturer: Japan Automatic Vending Machine Company, Ltd., of Tokyo, Japan [Trade Name: Nihon Jidou Hanbaiki Kabushikigaisha]
Date of Manufacture:
Players: 1
Model Number:
Theme: Outer Space - Space Exploration
Design by:
Art by:
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Electro-mechanical (EM) 
Notes: Circa 1960s. This game is based on a sugoroku game, a Japanese variety of Parcheesi. With only an online flyer image to review, we saw no coin slots on the front door of the cabinet. A single coin drop appeared to be on the lockdown bar. We could not see if this game had flippers or flipper buttons and the flyer text does not mention this. The manufacturer was located in the Chuoh-ku city of Tokyo. 'Dai Uchuu Ryokou' translates somewhat to 'Big Space Journey'.
Marketing Slogans:

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