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Features: 10 balls for 5 cents. Pushing in the coin slide drops the balls to the tray at the front of the game. The player places a ball in the shooter lane and uses the cue stick to launch it into play. The playfield consists of pins and drop holes. Balls falling into the holes roll below the playfield into “scoring pockets” visible to the player. The legs attach to this pin table with wing nuts. The playfield is covered with a sheet of Plexiglas. The playfield measures 27 3/4 inches by 14 3/4 inches. The cabinet measures 34 1/2 inches long and 16 1/4 inches wide. The length of just the top tier of the cabinet is 29 1/4 inches. The height (without legs) is 5 3/4 inches in the front and 8 1/2 inches in the rear. Legs measure 29 3/4 inches long. The thin metal instruction card holder measures 8 5/8 inches by 2 3/8 inches. The locking cash drawer is actually part of the cabinet bottom, built into the mid-section and extending from one side of the cabinet to the other, just below the coin slide. The drawer has a lock on one end and two “notches” in the wood on the other end which match up with a “male” connection inside the cabinet.


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Type: Pure Mechanical (PM) 

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Manufacturer: B & L Co.

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Notes: A flat metal marquee is mounted to the back of the game and holds a card that can be updated weekly by the location to indicate what prize is awarded at the end of the week indicated. The handwriting on the game shown here is for the week ending July 4th, 1867, a Thursday. The manufacturer is printed on this card as B & L Co. but with no address. The Instruction Card shows a Chicago distributor “S. Woolner”. It also indicates a patent pending on serial number 569,600 but the only patent we found for that number was for a small flat paper puzzle, patented applied for and granted in 1896.

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