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Cosmodrome, 1980

Features: Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), 5-bank drop targets (1), Standup targets (4), Kick-out hole (1), Spinning target (1).
Manufacturer: Bell Coin Matics, of Bologna, Italy (1978-1980)
Date of Manufacture: 1980
Players: 1980 / 4
Year: 1980
Model Number:
Design by:
Art by:
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) 
Notes: The playfield layout is the same as Bell Coin Matics' 1979 'White Shark'. This game is a conversion kit. The playfield and backglass pictured here were taken from a water-damaged Bally's 1977 'Evel Knievel' cabinet having the original Bally MPU with "EK" ROMs. The playfield layout generally resembles Bally's 1978 'Playboy'. The playfield artwork partially obscured by the lower pop bumper looks like the head of the robot on the backglass of Gottlieb's 1979 'Pinball Pool'. The backglass artwork first appeared on one of the advertising posters for the 1979 movie, Moonraker.
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