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Combination Recreation Board,

Produced in: 2

Features: Trap holes (62). Board measures 50 inches by 30 1/4 inches.

Theme: Baseball – Gambling – Keno – Playing Cards – Poker

Additional Features:

Type: Pure Mechanical (PM) 

MPU: , Model Number:

#Produced: in

Manufacturer: H. P. Schafer, of Peoria, Illinois

Design by: Art by: Music By: Sound By: Software by: Animation by:

Marketing Slogans:
Notes: This board is placed at one end of a billiard table surface to convert it to a carombolette table. The holes are marked to allow a choice of playing Poker, Keno, or Baseball. We list this “conversion kit” as 2-player because we know billiard tables are typically for two players. We have no specific game rules for this board that would limit the number of players to two. Circa early 1900’s. These boards were made by multiple manufacturers. In this listing are two catalog pages showing several examples of these boards (not made by H. P. Schafer).

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