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Combination, 1935

Features: Kickers (2). Advertised as 40 inches long by 20 inches wide. Automatic shutoff saves battery power.
Manufacturer: Automatic Amusements Company, of Los Angeles, California, USA (1932-1935)
Date of Manufacture: 1935
Players: 1935 / 1
Year: 1935
Model Number:
Design by: Harry Williams
Art by:
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Electro-mechanical (EM) 
Notes: This game was designed by Harry Williams. We previously showed the manufacture date as August 1933, a date also found in Dick Bueschel's text in the Encyclopedia of Pinball Volume 1. However, the text of our undated Coin Machine Journal ad implies 'Combination' as being new, and the text nearby references Bally's Traffic of February 1935 as "now being released". This places 'Combination' as new in 1935. Also, this game cannot precede Advance of October 1933 because Harry Williams had stated 'Advance' was the first complete game he designed, the first to use his now-famous "tilt" mechanism, and the first pin game to have a visible coin chute. The earliest dated ad we have yet found for 'Combination' is from Automatic Age of May 1935 and is included in this listing. It indicates the following patent was owned by Consolidated Patent Corporation: Patent No. 1,802,521 [GAME APPARATUS] was filed Aug 14, 1928 and issued April 28, 1931 to George H. Miner.
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