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Chicago Express, 1935

Features: Ten balls for 5 cents. Actually, nine white china marbles and one green china marble that scores double. A marble on the elevated track simulates Chicago's elevated train, moved along the track by two Vertical Up Kickers (VUKs). Lights turn on briefly when the VUKs fire. A bell rings when the ball is shot to the high score area. No outhole on this game: two kickback lanes, in lower left and lower right of playfield, propel wayward balls back into scoring areas until they land in score pockets. This italicized information was taken from an advertisement: Chicago Express is the zipping, thrilling, most fascinating game in pin game history. Read carefully the ACTION the ball creates for the player: 1. Player aims at and shoots ball into 1st top electric elevator, lighting up green go-ahead signal. 2. Ball is elevated instantly and switched onto upper level tracks towards and into the 2nd or bottom electric elevator. 3. As the ball in the 2nd elevator is being lifted and switched to next track, the whole train lights up and all the balls in the bottom Express Stations are automatically and simultaneously advanced into the next higher score stations. 4. When a ball reaches the last Express Station, it is automatically shunted up the board and into the enclosed high score depot. Just imagine the novelty of seeing the balls elevated and sent down the tracks for a fast, thrilling ride. The flashing lights. The simultaneous advance and the speediest shooting ever incorporated into one pin game. That's the CHICAGO EXPRESS -- America's Newest Pin Game Thrill!
Manufacturer: Daval Mfg Company Incorporated, G.B., of Chicago, Illinois, USA (1934-1939)
Date of Manufacture: January, 1935
Players: January, 1935 / 1
Year: 1935
Model Number:
Theme: American Places - Railroads - Trains
Design by:
Art by:
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Electro-mechanical (EM) 
Notes: An improved version was released in April, 1935. Compare the elevated track on this game to the habitrails of modern Solid State games. For an in-depth review of this game, see The Sands Mechanical Museum.
Marketing Slogans: "Don't Hesitate! the train won't wait..." "Buy a ONE WAY ticket to SUCCESS..."

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