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Caravan, 1949

Manufacturer: Genco Manufacturing Company, of Chicago, Illinois, USA (1931-1958)
Date of Manufacture: August, 1949
Players: August, 1949 / 1
Year: 1949
Model Number:
Design by:
Art by:
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Electro-mechanical (EM) 
Notes: The only evidence that we have found for the existence of this game is its appearance on an undated list of Genco games handwritten by Steve Kordek and for which he gave a date of August 1949. Directly above this entry he acknowledged Genco's 1949 'Camel Caravan' as June 1949, indicating that he viewed 'Caravan' and 'Camel Caravan' as two separate games instead of one being a duplicate entry of the other. Other lists that are believed to be from Genco show 'Camel Caravan' but not 'Caravan'. We note that this IPDB listing predates 2002 as it was inherited from our predecessor, the Pinball Pasture. We don't know who else would have had access to Kordek's private list as far back as then. Printed pinball lists such as the 1979 Pinball Reference Guide and the 1992 Pinball Collectors Resource - Millenium Edition Limited each show both games, each with its own date as shown above. Although their authors now view 'Caravan' as a duplicate entry, perhaps these lists were used as a source for the Pinball Pasture and perhaps even for Kordek's list. The word 'Camel' is smaller than the word 'Caravan' on the backglass of the June 1949 game which may have made it easy to misinterpret the actual name of this game when looking at the few small Billboard ads of the time. It is possible that this old picture of a modified backglass figured into the creation of this listing.
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