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Can Can, 1955

Features: Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Passive bumpers (6), Slingshots (2), Gobble hole (1). No outlanes. The replay counter is three digits to accommodate high replay awards. Mechanical backbox animation (dancers lift their skirts, viewed through a mirror). Console cabinet. Sound: 2 bells, knocker
Manufacturer: Williams Manufacturing Company (1944-1958) [Trade Name: Williams]
Date of Manufacture: August, 1955
Players: August, 1955 / 1
Year: 1955
Model Number: 135
Theme: Dancing - Music - Women
Design by: Harry Williams
Art by: George Molentin
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Electro-mechanical (EM) 
Notes: Reportedly, there is a different bonus for each ball that comes into play. Pictured here is the bonus for 4th ball as shown on the backglass. We have no manufacturer flyer or old advertisements available to help us explain the need for the 3-digit replay mechanism. However, we received the following description from someone who had played this game extensively: There is a feature we called the "5th Ball Special". At the start of a game when you were fortunate enough to be awarded this "5th Ball Special" it was nearly impossible to focus on the first 4 balls. On the 5th ball this special activated a roll-over button - "Advances Special Bonus When Lit" on the left side near the number 9 bumper. Each time you rolled over this button, the value of the gobble hole increased by 5 replays/free games up to the max number of 50. If, while the 5th Ball Special was active, you were not fortunate enough to "lose" the ball via the gobble hole, then whatever number of replays you had advanced to remained in force for future games. There were 2 ways to win this bonus: 1) Either complete the 1 thru 10 sequence and drain the ball via the gobble hole, or 2) get lucky and be awarded the 5th Ball Special at the beginning of a game. But you still had to drain via the gobble hole on the 5th ball to win the replays. Since you could win up to 50 replays for one gobble hole drain, this explains why there is a 3-digit replay mechanism. The backbox door has two relays for "Star Bonus" but this is not to be confused with the Star Feature used on other Williams games that also have the 3-digit replay mechanism. The manufacturer’s original playfield drawing (not shown here) is dated 7/20/55, is unsigned (no designer name or initials), and has a note, "Revised from Silver Frolics".
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