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Calcio “Italia” (2nd series), 1967

Features: Flippers (12), Pop bumpers (4), Slingshots (4), Permanent magnets (4). This is a head-to-head game where two players at opposite ends of the playfield compete in simultaneous play. Each player has flipper buttons which control only those flippers facing the opponent. These features make the second series different from Soc. Elettrogiochi's 'Calcio "Italia" (1st series)': • There is an elevated scoring backbox attached to the side of this game, replacing the row of lamps on the apron of the first series. • An automatic ball shooter replaces the manual protruding ball shooter knob, although reportedly a metal triangle covers a vacated hole, indicating first series cabinets were used. • There are four magnets under the playfield. These are permanent, not electromagnets, therefore are always "on" even when the game is off. They are not strong enough to stop and hold the ball in play but will affect the travel of a ball passing over them.
Manufacturer: Soc. Elettrogiochi, of Firenze (Florence), Italy (1965)
Date of Manufacture: 1967
Players: 1967 / 2
Year: 1967
Model Number:
Theme: Sports - Soccer
Design by:
Art by:
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Electro-mechanical (EM) 
Notes: The cabinet in the manufacturer flyer (not shown here) has a Z-shaped lightning bolt design across its side. The three different cabinets pictured here show two additional art designs. The flippers on this game measure approximately 7 cm in length. In comparison, the approximate measurements of the Gottlieb short flipper is 5.5 cm and the Williams long flipper is 7.5 cm. Federico Croci, a collector in Italy, explains the 1967 date we gave this 2nd series version: I checked my collection of old "Automat" magazines, and I found that ads for Calcio Italia 2nd series started appearing in 1967. Although we can't be sure when the production actually started, or when actually changed from 1st series to 2nd series, I believe it would be wise to change production year from 1965 to at least 1967. A second-series game not shown here has been found in Italy with cabinet art having diamond-shaped parallelograms matching the cabinet art believed to be unique to Bally's 1967 'Boot-A-Ball'.
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