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Builder Upper, 1935

Features: 10 balls for 5 cents. Kick-out holes (3), Trap holes (17), Multiball play. The playfield glass is painted underneath with a design that complements the playfield layout, covering areas that are unused in game play. The upper playfield has three kick-out holes, five 500-point trap holes, a 1000-point trough, a 1500-point trough, and an outhole trough. It also has a right-side ball kicker lane and two left-side outlanes (one on each side of the 1500-point trough) to drop the ball to the lower playfield carousel. The carousel has trap holes around its perimeter and steps clockwise in response to upper playfield action. There is an outhole directly below it. A ball landing in the top "Advance 1000 ball" kick-out hole steps the carousel one position and kicks one ball out from the 1000-point trough, rolling it below the outball trough to the top hole of the carousel, worth 2000 points. A ball landing in the top "Advance 1500 ball" kick-out hole steps the carousel one position and kicks one ball out from the 1500-point trough, rolling it down the long left lane to loop around and land in the bottom hole of the carousel, worth 4500 points. If the top or bottom hole of the carousel is already occupied with a ball, the arriving ball will roll down towards either an outhole below the carousel, ending that ball in play, or fall into the return hole on the looping lane, allowing the player to shoot it again into play. A ball landing in the topmost kick-out hole returns all balls in the upper playfield outhole trough to the player to shoot again. The point values for the holes in the carousel do not move when the carousel moves. As the carousel steps, all balls trapped there step with it, increasing value up to 6500 points, but a ball worth 6500 points can step next to a 2000-point position to start all over. This game is designed to be multiball in the sense that a ball landing in a kick-out hole will be kicked back into play and simultaneously cause another ball to be kicked back into play from one of the upper playfield point troughs. 'Builder Upper' was manufactured to be battery-operated, but one example pictured here has since been converted to line power. It has no apparent serial number, and its ball-lift mechanism is a knob on the right side of the cabinet, while the other game pictured here uses a front-loading push rod just below the plunger. No information is available to explain the reason for the two ball-lift versions, but manufacturers were known to make changes during production, sometimes based on operator feedback or because the original version had to be rushed to market.
Manufacturer: G. M. Laboratories, Incorporated, of Chicago, Illinois, USA (1935-1936)
Date of Manufacture: March, 1935
Players: March, 1935 / 1
Year: 1935
Model Number:
Design by:
Art by:
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Electro-mechanical (EM) 
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