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Build Up, 1948

Features: 5 balls for 5 cents. Flippers (2), Passive bumpers (11), Kick-out holes (2). Instruction/Score Card has this info: 390,000 .... OR OVER .... 1 REPLAY 450,000 .... OR OVER .... 2 REPLAYS 500,000 .... OR OVER .... 3 REPLAYS 550,000 .... OR OVER .... 4 REPLAYS 600,000 .... OR OVER .... 5 REPLAYS 650,000 .... OR OVER .... 6 REPLAYS THIS GAME FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY Bumpers Score 1000 except as indicated. Double Reserve also Top Channel for Special. Hitting B-U-I-L-D-U-P Bumpers Lites Side Channels for Special also Top Channel for Extra Special. SCORE VOID IF MACHINE IS TILTED
Manufacturer: Exhibit Supply Company, of Chicago, Illinois, USA (1932-1957) [Trade Name: ESCO]
Date of Manufacture: January 20, 1948
Players: January 20, 1948 / 1
Year: 1948
Model Number:
Theme: Show Business - Vaudeville - Women
Design by:
Art by:
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Electro-mechanical (EM) 
Notes: 'Build Up' was the first flipper game made by Exhibit. An image of this game (not shown here) shows a schematic diagram affixed to the inside of the backbox door with a printed date of January 20, 1948. The earliest mention we found in trade magazines was in Cash Box, Feb-21-1948, page 27, in their list of "Manufacturer's New Equipment". We are seeking your close-up images of the flipper mechanisms on this game, photographed from several angles.
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