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Bubbles, 1947

Features: Passive bumpers (8), Kick-out holes (4).
Manufacturer: Genco Manufacturing Company, of Chicago, Illinois, USA (1931-1958)
Date of Manufacture: April 17, 1947
Players: April 17, 1947 / 1
Year: 1947
Production: 7 units   (confirmed)
Model Number:
Theme: Ecdysiast Entertainment - Dancing - Women
Design by:
Art by:
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Electro-mechanical (EM) 
Notes: See also Genco's 1948 'Bubbles (Rolldown)' which would not have a ball shooter lane. According to Genco data, seven sample games of this pinball machine were made on 04/17/47. We don't know why this game did not go into full production. Production start date: 04/17/47 Production end date: 04/17/47 We previously showed a date for this game of January 1947. We have seen two photographed examples of this game. One example is pictured here and has retro-fitted flippers. Careful inspection of its playfield identifies post removals (dark dots) in mid-playfield in the shadow area of the leg of each dancer. For each dancer, one post was near her toes and the other post was along the side wall, still in the shadow area. A rubber was stretch between each pair of posts. These posts were removed on this playfield to allow room for the retro-fitted flippers to flip the ball. The example not shown here is flipperless and has those posts in place and with rubbers stretched between them. Its cabinet has artwork identical to that found on Triple Action, the first Genco game produced with factory-installed flippers in January 1948. We are seeking photographs of this game. If anyone has seen pictures of it other than what we have, please contact us.
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