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BMX, 1983

Features: Flippers (4), Slingshots (2), 6-bank drop targets (1), 4-bank drop targets (1), Standup targets (8), Kick-out hole (1), Flex-save lanes. Cabinet has extra flipper buttons to change outlanes into inlanes. Split-Level Playfield. Magnet under the upper playfield. No pop bumpers.
Manufacturer: Bally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983) [Trade Name: Bally]
Date of Manufacture: January, 1983
Players: January, 1983 / 4
Year: 1983
Production: 406 units   (confirmed)
MPU: Bally MPU AS-2518-35
Model Number: 1276
Theme: Sports - Bicycling
Design by: Ward Pemberton
Art by: Greg Freres, Kevin O'Connor, Margaret Hudson, Pat McMahon
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) 
Notes: The playfield layout was used again on Bally Midway's 1987 'Hardbody' but without the magnet on the upper playfield. A subsequent game with flex-save lanes is Bally Midway's 1987 'Dungeons & Dragons'. Pictured in this listing is an Early Production game having serial number EBMX1003, the third game in the production line. It has differences in the upper playfield from games that followed later in production. The inserts are labeled 20-100-20-100-150-20, and the 2X and 3X markings on the left lanes are reversed, Also, the drop targets have no design on them. At a Chicago Expo 2012 presentation, artist Greg Freres stated this game started out as "E.T." (the movie) but they couldn’t get the license. He also confirmed to us that four in-house artists collaborated on this game: Greg did the backglass, Kevin O'Connor did the playfield, Margaret Hudson did the playfield plastics, and Pat McMahon did the cabinet art. We corrected the previous Manufacture Date of November 1982. Bally documentation shows a pre-production name of this game was "Samurai" with the release (to production) date of 1-12-82.
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