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Big Guns, 1987

Features: Flippers (4), Slingshots (2), 3-bank drop targets (2), Standup targets (13), Kick-out holes (3), Center Up-post, Left outlane kickback, Right outlane detour gate. Two catapults (kickers that propel ball airborne into habitrails). No pop bumpers. One standup target is behind each set of drop targets. The backbox is very tall. Backbox animation (a captive ball is shot into a bagatelle for a bonus score.) During Invincible/Queen's Rescue (Jackpot mode), the center post is raised, the kickback stays active, and the right gate diverts the ball back to the right flipper for a set amount of time.
Manufacturer: Williams Electronics Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999) [Trade Name: Williams]
Date of Manufacture: September 28, 1987
Players: September 28, 1987 / 4
Year: 1987
Production: 5,250 units   (confirmed)
MPU: Williams System 11B
Model Number: 557
Theme: Space Medieval
Design by: Mark Ritchie, Python Anghelo
Art by: Python Anghelo
Animated by:
Music by: Chris Granner
Sound by: Chris Granner, Brian Schmidt
Software by: Chris Granner, Brian Schmidt
Machine Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) 
Notes: Williams began using System 11B during the production of "Big Guns", so this game can have either an 11A or 11B system board. Mark Ritchie stated at the Chicago Expo 2012 that the backbox was made larger by 4 inches because artist Python Anghelo needed more room to build the castle! He also said the King was to be Steve Ritchie, who did the voice for that role. Pictured in this listing is a comparison of two images showing playfields below the flippers where two triangles, normally gray in color, are yellow. We received these two images anonymously and do not know the cabinet serial numbers from either (or playfield serial numbers, if they have any). Shown on each playfield is an identical part number with suffix 'SP' indicating that the supplier was Sun Process. Production Run Records for Big Guns: Production Start Date: Sep-28-1987 Production End Date: Dec-21-1987 Production Run Quantity: 5250 First ship date: Sep-29-1987 Last ship date: Apr-29-1988
Marketing Slogans: "Feel the Power!"

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