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Bad Cats, November 06, 1989

Produced in: November 06, 1989 / 4

Features: Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), 5-bank drop targets (1), 3-bank drop targets (1), Kick-out holes (2), Linear target (1), Spinning Mystery Wheel in playfield. Backglass animation (woman hits cat with broom). The linear target functions similar to Gottlieb’s vari-target.

Theme: Feline Mischief

Additional Features:

Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) 

MPU: Williams System 11B, Model Number: 575

#Produced: 2,500 units   (confirmed) in November 06, 1989

Manufacturer: Williams Electronics Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999) [Trade Name: Williams]

Design by: Barry Oursler Art by: Python Anghelo Music By: Sound By: Dan Forden Software by: Ed Suchocki Animation by:

Marketing Slogans: “The cats are on the prowl with an easy access center ramp.” “Reigning Cats and Dogs!” “Pinball Purr-Fection” “When we’re good , we’re very good. But when we’re bad, we’re even better!”
Notes: Programmer Ed Suchocki shares this story about Bad Cats: Dan Forden and I had several discussions about the music and sound effects for this game. At the time, I was a fan of the band Alice Cooper. I felt the game would be right with the music style of their tune, “Gutter Cat vs. the Jets”. There is a section that has that “West Side Story” feel to it and I thought it would be great in the game. Dan went and created a version of the theme for the game. The flavor of this inspiration can be heard during the activation of the spinning of the playfield wheel as well as other shots on the game. Mark Ritchie told us that he had a slight role as a singer for the audio track in the “Seafood” segment. Production Run Records for Bad Cats: Production Start Date: Nov-6-1989 Production End Date: Dec-22-1989 Production Run Quantity: 2500 First ship date: Nov-7-1989 Last ship date: Feb-23-1990

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