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Baby Leland, 1933

Features: 7 balls for 1 cent, or 10 balls for 5 cents. Horseshoe diverters (2). Advertised as 21 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 6 inches high.
Manufacturer: Chicago Coin Machine Manufacturing Company (1932-1977)
Date of Manufacture: December, 1933
Players: December, 1933 / 1
Year: 1933
Model Number:
Design by:
Art by:
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Pure Mechanical (PM) 
Notes: The apron states "The LELAND of the Aristocrat Line". Stoner Mfg made this game for Chicago Coin under contract. According to The Encyclopedia of Pinball, Volume 1, the Chicago Coin Machine Exchange started in September 1932 at 2200 North Western Avenue and specialized "in an exchange for operators to turn in used machines in payment for new games. By the summer of 1933, they became the Chicago Coin Machine Company. However, they had no room at their address to manufacturer their own games so they contracted with Stoner Mfg to make them. In January 1934, Chicago Coin moved to 1721-25 Diversey Blvd where they advised Stoner they no longer needed Stoner to make their games.
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