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Baby In The Hole, 1989

Features: Gobble holes (7). Has speech. Plexiglas backglass. Each gobble hole is at the center of a concave hexagonal. The center hole is called the Baby Hole.
Manufacturer: Data East Pinball, Incorporated (1986-1994)
Date of Manufacture: 1989
Players: 1989 / 1
Year: 1989
Production: 1 unit   (confirmed)
Model Number:
Design by: Ed Cebula
Art by: Kevin O'Connor, Pat McMahon, Margaret Hudson
Animated by:
Music by: David Thiel
Sound by: David Thiel
Software by: David Thiel
Machine Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) 
Notes: This game was based on rolldown games designed by Harvey Heiss when he was at Genco Manufacturing. Harvey demonstrated a prototype model at Chicago's Pinball Expo 1988. A 'production' model was then built by Data East and presented to Harvey by Rob Berk at Pinball Expo 1989. The voice was provided by the sound designer's wife, Carol Thiel. The backglass shows cartoon images of Harvey Heiss and Rob Berk. There is a credit to "NOBLE GAMES" at the bottom center of the backglass. Larry Demar tells us that he and Joe Kaminkow talked about using that name for a startup company that never happened. More information is available in an article by Russ Jensen.
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