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Attack From Mars (Remake Limited Edition), 2017

Features: Large color DMD. Shaker motor, Playfield mirror blades, Topper. All lamps are LED from factory. The large Martian saucer features red, green and blue tri-color LEDs. All six mini saucers on the LE feature green and red dual color LEDs. Enhanced Sound speakers are illuminated with red, green and blue tri-color LEDs. The machine is equipped with four pinballs.
Manufacturer: Chicago Gaming Company, of Cicero, Illinois (2003-now)
Date of Manufacture: July, 2017
Players: July, 2017 / 4
Year: 2017
MPU: CGC Pinball Controller/OS
Model Number: 12000-LE
Theme: Aliens - Martians - Fantasy
Design by: Brian Eddy
Art by: Doug Watson
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) 
Notes: Artist Doug Watson designed the topper for this Limited Edition game. This game is a remake of Midway's 1995 'Attack from Mars' and carries the Bally logo on the backbox below the DMD. A limited production run of 1000 was forecasted. The manufacturer told us the first games in the run were shipped July-27-2017 and all 1000 units were committed for by their dealers. Manufacturer price when new: $7999.00
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