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Apero Ball,

Produced in: 1

Features: Pop bumpers (5). The playfield is recessed into the cabinet at least 9 inches deep. No flippers, but a handle on front of game moves the player’s goalie back and forth to block the ball from draining. There appears to be two outholes at top of playfield, one on each side of the goalie there. Bulb scoring.


Additional Features:

Type: Electro-mechanical (EM) 

MPU: , Model Number:

#Produced: in

Manufacturer: Comet, of Dijon, France

Design by: Art by: Music By: Sound By: Software by: Animation by:

Marketing Slogans:
Notes: The backglass depicts a beautiful dark-haired woman wearing shorts and sitting on a bar stool with a drink held high in her right hand and a wide-brimmed straw hat on her left arm. Behind her, a row of colorful liquor bottles are lined up on the shelf behind the bar, along a mirrored wall. Circa 1950’s. Reportedly, the gameplay is similar to Marchant’s 1949 ‘Shooting’, a game which also has a handle on the cabinet front. However, the playfield layouts of the two games are different. The manufacturer’s flyer shown here spells this game as L’APERO-BALL and L’APÉRO-BALL. The backglass spells the name as Apero Ball (no accented e). The accented word apéro translates to English as aperitif. The flyer text is translated here: The Apero-Ball The electrical game that you can SELL to the Bars! Because it is: Robust / Compact Silent / Attractive Its price is affordable for all. Its maintenance is an easy-go. The Apéro-Ball is the game of tomorrow: The dead games get outdated but the electrical games remain in the mood. Exclusive distributors wanted: Please contact the company COMET, 40 Rue de Montchopet DIJON

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