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All-American Quarterback, 1949

Features: Impulse flippers (5). Mechanical backbox animation (football player moves across backglass). Game operation for production game (not the version shown in manufacturer's flyer or promotional photo): 1 play 5 cents. 2 plays 10 cents. 5 or 6 credits for 25 cents (operator adjustable with separate pricing plates). All coins add credits to the replay wheel located in lower right apron. Pressing coin return button starts the game and enables the flipper bats. Pushing the left knob on front of cabinet mechanically pitches the ball. Turning the right knob operates the flipper bats as impulse flippers with one large coil activating all five simultaneously then deactivating via the EOSS. Balls that drain behind the flippers do not count against the player and are returned to the pitching mechanism via a trough. The center "Touchdown" hole in the red arrow is always lit. Replays awarded for Touchdowns (operator adjustable). Other holes advance the runner 25 or 50 yards. A stepper unit in backbox displays in lower backglass the number of "yards to go for a touchdown" via a yellow disk visible to the player and showing the numbers 100, 75, 50, and 25. A touchdown is scored when 100 yards is accumulated in decrementing this yellow disk number. The "Field Goal" holes increment a stepper unit to advance on the backglass the number of Field Goals achieved, up to 10. Replays are awarded for this (operator adjustable). The "Completed Pass" and "End Run" holes each awards 50 yards and these inserts are continuously lit for the first three Quarters; during the 4th Quarter their hole values increase for Touchdown. Inserts located below the flipper bats indicate to the player if game play is in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Quarter. Balls landing in any of four "End of Quarter" holes advance game to next Quarter. Game is over at end of 4th Quarter. The score card indicates player's ranking based on number of touchdowns and/ or field goals. Replay wheel maximum: 25 Sound: 3 bells. A 6-inch bell announces touchdowns. Two 3-inch bells with slightly different tones announce end-of-quarter and field goals. Ball composition: steel, 7/8 inch diameter
Manufacturer: Williams Manufacturing Company (1944-1958) [Trade Name: Williams]
Date of Manufacture: October 13, 1949
Players: October 13, 1949 / 1
Year: 1949
Model Number: 32
Theme: Sports - Football
Design by: Harry Mabs
Art by: George Molentin
Animated by:
Music by:
Sound by:
Software by:
Machine Type: Electro-mechanical (EM) 
Notes: We previously showed the designer was Harry Williams. The manufacturer’s original playfield drawing (not shown here) is dated 8/20/49 and has the signed initials GTH. It shows the game name as the single word 'Quarterback'. The backglass shows the name as 'All-American Quarterback'. The playfield in the manufacturer's flyer and promotional photo is different from the production playfields shown here by having white flippers bats with no printing on them, no playfield artwork below the flipper bats, and four additional large inserts: two for '25 Yards When Lit' and two for 'End Run When Lit'. Also, the artwork at top of playfield shows banners for the teams 'C' and 'W' and no cheerleader in the center, between the two teams. The production playfields have black flipper bats with printing on them (Quarter, Half Back, End) and lack the four large inserts but do have artwork below the flipper bats containing four small inserts, representing a scoreboard counting the four quarters of a football game. The artwork at top of playfield shows banners for the teams 'Army' and 'Navy' and shows a cheerleader in the center. We are seeking a schematic for this game as well as pictures of games with playfields like the one in the flyer and promo photo.
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