About Us

Welcome to Pinball Mad and thank you for checking out our blog about everything pinball related. Here I am trying to learn more about pinball machines, history, tips for buying, repairs etc. There is a lot to learn about these fantasic machines.

As I learn, I want to create a space that allows new players and some veterans in the industry to learn too. We are going to strive to write some of the best pinball machine articles so you can stop scrolling through forums.

At Pinball Mad we will be providing quick information to interested fans. We hopes to support the industry and draw more people into the arcades.

My name is Dave and I’ve been playing pinball here and there over the past few years. I am no tournament player, but enjoy this nostalgic game when I get a chance to play.

Join us along the ride as we try to answer questions and provide information for both old and new.